Why not be a vegetarian?

As a vegetarian living in a community of meat lovers, searching for places where vegetarian dishes are served is quite difficult but fun! I’m an ovolactovegatarian. There are in fact multiple types of diet out there namely, pescetarian, fruitarian, vegan etc. I know you might be asking why I chose this type of diet, well I can certainly tell you the reasons why.

One is that vegetables are free from Antibiotics.

Compared with the animal meat, we all know that livestock raisers nowadays are feeding their animals with the synthetic feeds that is compose chemicals for bulk production. Penicillin, Streptomycin, Chlorotetracycline,  and Oxytetracyclin are just some of the antibiotics that are being to animals. This actually has a negative effect on human as they intake portion of the antibiotic into their bodies. Ive read an article about this from The Washington Post dated January 27, 2014, that Food and Drug Administration consuming antibiotic-treated meat exposes the humans to antibiotic-resistant infections according to FDA researchers.

Two is that vegetarian diet is Preventive.

Major diseases such as cardiovascular problems, and cancer are mainly caused by meat consumption. Most meat has high cholesterol level that is harmful to our system. Ive read an article from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that seafood can cause diseases from the toxin levels they have. Scombrotoxic fish poisoning Amnesic shellfish poisoning and Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning are just some of those that may even cause death.

Three is that vegetarian diet is more Energizing.

Dr. Per Olof Astrand, a professor of physiology at the Karolinska Institute made a research on diet for athletes, the athletes were fed with three kinds of diet, he found out that the best diet for running athletes where their energy last longer is vegetarian diet.

Four is Longer Life Expectancy

Life span of people who are vegetarian and said to be averaging 10 years longer from those who are not according to a research study made in California.

Five is that Vegetarian Diet is the Original Diet.

There is a biblical account of the type of diet that the first people on earth had. It is found on Genesis 1:29.So…Why not be a vegetarian.

Got this idea from the book- Your Food and You published by PPH

Now, I have created this page to give you an idea of how it is with the places I am visiting. I am rating them based on their menu, availability of vegetarian food, variety of selections, taste of the food, amount of serving, ambience of the location and how budget friendly they are.



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